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Future of virtual reality and opportunities

The tech industry never stops to amaze our minds. There was a time when we would have never thought of talking to someone who is miles away. And today we can talk to each other just like we are sitting next to each other. Every day our life is incorporated with technology more and more. Virtual reality is one of them.

What is virtual reality? 

It is a fully digital, computer-generated, real-life environment. It stimulates the human senses like vision, hearing, and touch. With advanced technology VR allows the user to enter into an experiential world. The 3D environment can be similar to the real world or completely different.

There are three types of virtual reality: Non-immersive. Semi-immersive, fully immersive.

Non-immersive: Your mobile display, normal displays, and any input devices that deal with digital devices are examples of non-immersive virtual reality. That means non-immersive VR is the most common VR we deal with every day.   Non-immersive doesn’t take full control of our senses and the user is always well aware of his surroundings.

Image source: Jasoren.com

Semi-immersive: If you ever watched anything on a high-quality TV screen and felt like, wow, everything looks so realistic and alive or watched anything on a projector. These are examples of semi-immersive virtual reality. The semi-immersive VR depends on high-resolution displays and high-end computing devices. It portrays the high-resolution images to make the user feel he is viewing or engaging with a different environment. Still, the user is well aware of the surroundings. But certainly, it creates a better illusion than non-immersive VR.

Image source: dreamstime.com

Fully immersive:  If you want to have a full-blown VR experience. Then, fully immersive VR is all set to blow your mind.  VR headsets and VR glasses are necessary to experience fully immersive VR technology. The headset creates a 3D environment in front of the user’s eyes. Similar to a real-life environment or different. It will stimulate the user’s vision and hearing. With fully immersive VR, the user is not aware of the surroundings.

Image source: wikimedia.org

How realistic is virtual reality?

If you are on any social media platform, then you might have seen people breaking their bones and TVs while using VR technology. The simulation created by VR tech is very realistic, and it drifts you apart from the real world. Especially when it comes to gaming and stuff.

VR technology is not only limited to gaming and watching videos. VR tech is changing the education sector, health sector, architecture industry, etc. It is making big differences in our lives. Students can interact better with lessons. Architectural designs can be interacted with even before they come into existence. Patients with mental health issues are being treated with VR technology. It helps the patients to overcome their fears without going anywhere. 

Facebook changed its company name to Meta. And with this change comes the metaverse–the combination of VR and augmented reality–where people can live in the digital world. With metaverse, they are entering the world of virtual reality on a whole new level.

The tech industry is a sea of endless opportunities and possibilities. Every day there’s something new and mind-blowing.

Blockchain: The new definition of security and transparency

Cryptocurrency is widely known to everyone. Everyone is on the leash to own cryptocurrency. Some people are mining it and others are investing in it. Believing that cryptocurrency is the currency of the future.

But people hardly know about the roots of cryptocurrency. The common fact known to us is that it is very secure and transparent. And people are betting on it.

On the road, if you are a little bit skeptical about it then you are not alone. As there are many investors and miners, so are people who don’t know much about it. Burren buffet is one of the prolific figures in the investing world. He doesn’t believe in cryptocurrency. And he speaks bluntly about it.

Image Source: Peio Bty/Unsplash

First comes the blockchain technology

The existence of cryptocurrency depends upon blockchain. Blockchain is the network of computers that share data. The chain of blocks contains information that can be shared and seen on the web. The best example of the blockchain is a cryptocurrency–bitcoin, Ethereum, Reef, NFTs, etc. 

The question that arises here is if the information can be seen and shared on multiple platforms. Then it can be manipulated. But that’s the beauty of blockchain. It shares the data but its original form can not be changed. And the computer that tries to do so will be terminated by the blocks. And the shared information remains the same on other networks.

  • The blockchain is secure and decentralized 
  • It brings trust, security, and transparency to the table
  • Reduced cost and risks 
  • No data manipulation and more accuracy
Image source: GuerrillaBuzz/Unsplash

The information shared in the blocks varies. According to its type, for example, bitcoin is a type of blockchain cryptocurrency. A bitcoin block contains the sender, receiver, time, and the number of bitcoin transferred. Anything that is virtual can be sold and bought on the blockchain. And It definitely reduces the cost and risks.

Information shared on the blockchain is secure and can be shared faster. In today’s time, the most valued asset of any business is time. Data sharing through blockchain is more accurate and transparent. And it can’t be manipulated. Only the members of the same network can access it. Shared information can’t be reversed. If a change is needed then a new block will be created and both blocks will be visible on the network.

Image source: GuerrillaBuzz/Unsplash

Blockchain and availability of cryptocurrency

In 2022 there are more than 1000 types of cryptocurrencies available. All possible because of blockchain technology. 

The trust brought by blockchain can be shaken by the change in the market value of a certain cryptocurrency. But it doesn’t change the fact that it is the way to the future. And we can see the trend of rising technologies that accept cryptocurrency widely. And technology is something you can’t run from; it will come to your doorsteps sooner or later. 

Whether you are into crypto or not. Blockchain is helping businesses run efficiently. And it will generate more possibilities with better trust and security.

Change is good when it is not implemented forcefully. And a good change brings new opportunities and possibilities.

The way of owning art in the twenty-first century: NFTs

Collecting art pieces always interested us. A piece of art that is one of its kind and is priceless. Unique things have a very important role in our lives. We can clearly say that it’s a part of our human nature that we like to own things. It’s not about the use of the thing. It is the uniqueness that has more value.

A painting, book, map, and sculpture are examples of collectives. As you know that these are really common things. So what makes them unique?

The rarity of the things makes them unique. A book that was printed in the 1600s is one of its kind in 2022. The same goes for art and paintings. The value of art and paintings increases with the artists who made them as well.

Some art pieces that are made in the 1950s can be as valuable as ancient things. An ancient relic can be very valuable. But it can lose its shine if it is compared to art which has more value in our society.

Image source: Regularguy.eth/Unsplash

This being said, the definition of art is changing with time. If you travel back in time and tell someone that art can be a non-physical thing, then who will believe you? The answer is no one.

Luckily we don’t have to travel anywhere. We all know the importance of technology. Everyone knows about blockchain and cryptocurrency in the current era. Maybe not everyone but most people do. People are trying to invest more and more in cryptocurrency. And the trust in the blockchain is increasing every day.

NFTs are blockchain tokens– non-fungible tokens. NFTs are like digital assets; they can be a piece of art, book, video, picture, etc. In simple words, NFTs can be anything. It is widely considered that cryptocurrency is the currency of the future. It is also changing the way we look at art and owning things that we can see physically.

Image source: Andrey Metelev/Unsplash

With blockchain technology, NFTs are very secure and trustworthy. It can’t be manipulated or damaged. But its value changes simultaneously with the cryptocurrency market. The NFTs deal with Ethereum cryptocurrency and it can be bought and sold only with Ethereum. And in order to do that you need to have a crypto wallet. And through that wallet, you can purchase an NFT.

Image source: Bastian Riccardi/Unsplash

Cryptopunks were the NFTs that caught people’s attention in 2017. The value of NFTs depends on their uniqueness which can be related to culture, history, and the artist who made it. Value also depends on time as well. The NFTs created in 2017 have more value. Though NFTs have been sold at a higher price and were created later–2021 mainly. Though the trends in a particular area can increase and decrease the value of NFTs. And as we have seen the value of cryptocurrency increases and decreases rapidly–sometimes, it is highly likely to happen with NFTs as well.

Traditional art and culture do not deal with this uncertainty. And this creates more uncertainty related to NFTs. While some people are still trying to digest the concept of NFTs. And some people are making millions from them. Their value–may be–and numbers will increase in 2022.

Augmented reality and changes in life with it

Augmented reality is one of the emerging technologies that are part of our daily life. You might think, what is augmented reality? And when I am interacting with it? So what is it?

These questions might be confusing, but the answer is really simple. Augmented reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment.

Let me explain it to you with an example. Have you ever used any camera apps? Where you can change the shape of your face or any object which is in focus. That’s augmented reality. And now you know that you are very familiar with AR as you use social media apps–Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. These apps provide a wide range of options to engage with AR tech.

Is augmented reality possible?

Yes, with the help of digital devices. In the current era, mobile devices are not luxury anymore, every other person owns a digital device.

So, what’s the use of augmented reality? It enhances the real world with digital devices–visually, auditory, and haptically. The combination of the real-world and digital world leads to experiencing things in the best possible way. Usually, it is not possible to do things that you can’t interact with physically. But augmented reality transforms the real-life environment which helps improve upcoming situations, increase productivity, better problem solving, etc. 

Image source: UNIBOA/Unsplash

There are many types of AR–Projection type, Location type, Outlining type, and Superimposition type.

The projection-based AR helps the user project the 3d visuals around their physical space. The location-based AR is well-known to everyone. It helps the user find a specific location. With the help of digital device features like GPS, camera, and accelerometer. As the name suggests the outlining ar helps the user outline their physical space. It helps the user to outline two separate objects or identify specific boundaries. Superimposition AR can change the view of the user with enhanced information. It adds more information or features to the original view.

Image source: David Grandmougin/Unsplash

AR and VR often create confusion in people’s minds. VR creates a 3D world experience, whereas AR uses and enhances the real world. While using AR, the user is aware of their surroundings. Most VR technologies separate the user from their surroundings.

Augmented reality is rapidly taking over marketing. It’s the future of marketing. It is transforming the ways of marketing. Ikea mobile app is the best example. the way it helps the users interact with products even before they are bought. It creates a good experience and helps customers buy better.

Tech giants like Apple AR and Microsoft AR are already in tough competition with each other. Though, the use of AR is quite expensive. The rapid improvement in the technology will reduce its cost soon.  

Image source: Patrick Schneider/Unsplash

AR tech is all set to transform our lives. It is not limited to taking pictures with weird filters. It will change the way we travel, shop, educate, etc. 

Don’t forget the time when ‘Pokemon Go’ was launched and people went crazy to catch pokemons everywhere. It happened because of AR and its availability on a large scale. 

2022 awaits new opportunities in the technology world. And it’s all set to astonish us.

Income taxes: a way to help develop your country

The amount of money charged by the government from your income is known as income tax. The amount charged depends on how much you earn in a year. The percentage charged varies with your location and income. Income tax can be individual or organizational. The amount paid by individuals and organizations is different. 

Image source: Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

The question that arises here is why income tax? 

The government needs funds for public works. There are multiple sources for governments to collect revenue. Income taxes are the primary source of income for governments. The money collected is used to improve public infrastructure, emergency services, healthcare, research, etc. In this way, we help our government do better. Though the government has other income sources. Revenue generated by income tax is easy money.     

How much do I have to pay?

The percentage charged varies from 5% to 20%. If you are earning a high amount of money, then you have to pay a high percentage of tax. Some countries charge high amounts of income taxes to provide free education and healthcare. The percentage charged can vary from 30% to 40%. Most European countries charge a high amount of income tax.

Image source: TheNewYorkPublicLibrary/Unsplash

Though the high amount of income taxes might sound absurd. But most of the European countries that charge high-income taxes have the best habitable places. And as a result, their infrastructure is very good. And their happiness index is always high. Developed countries attract more tourists as well. Leading to generating more revenue. 

Small businesses in European countries have been in business for generations. Because of the high number of tourists. An organization pays up to 10% to 30% income tax annually. Small businesses pay less percentage as compared to big businesses.

Image source: Rupixen/Unsplash

What if you don’t want to pay income tax?

Income taxes need to be paid. If you delay the income tax-paying process, eventually, you will pay more– the interest rate applied on the due amount of tax. In case of denial, you can face imprisonment or prosecution. The government can take hold of your business and assets. 

There are a few ways to save on income tax. Though you have to pay income tax. You can certainly reduce the amount. In India, these are the ways that you can avail to save on income taxes. Life insurance, health insurance–for yourself and your family, home loan repayment, public provident funds, equity-linked saving scheme, etc. 

You can also get tax returns. The tax returns work when you have paid more taxes than you should. You will get tax returns only if you file them. So, be aware and pay your taxes on time. And if something goes wrong. You’ll have time to file the returns.

Image source: Markus Winkler/Unsplash

Income taxes apply to your investments as well. 

Again the amount charged varies in different countries. The amount gained in profit is taxable up to 20% to 40%. 20% is the common amount charged in most countries. You have to share all taxable income sources and investments with the IRS. As a good citizen, you should pay your income tax on time. Be responsible and attentive.  

The need of investing in life: perks and uncertainty

A process that helps increase your money is known as investing. Money is the basic need of life. Nothing comes for free in this life we know that. You earn money by working. The amount you get from a job can be limited. Investing is the way to increase your limited amount of money. You can invest your money in the long term or short term. There are many ways to invest your money. 

Shares investing, property investing, cash investing, and fixed interest investing are the types of investments. 

Image source: Aidan Hancock/Unsplash

Share and property investments are growth investments.

  • Share investing is a risky but fruitful investment. You buy a company’s shares and hold them. When the value of that share increases, you can resell it. The value of shares can decrease as well. Expert advice can be helpful to weigh the risks involved. The average return rate is 10 percent per year.
  • Share investing needs attentiveness. If you invest in the share market then you have to be aware of market trends. The probability of rise and fall in the price of a share can be determined by your research and planning. Lack of knowledge and attentiveness often leads to losses.  
Image source: Scott Webb/Unsplash
  • Property investing is also similar to share investing. You buy land, buildings, apartments, etc. Assuming the value will increase in the future. It is a time-consuming process and indeed involves high risk. But the amount of profit is high and if everything goes as planned. It will generate regular profit. 
  • The satisfaction of owning something creates more trust. Property investing is more trustworthy and generates high profit. As compared to the share market, the real estate market is more stable. It consumes less time. With the share market, you have to be attentive all the time. Once a property is bought, it demands care and patience.  
Image source: Alexander Grey/Unsplash

Cash and fixed interest investments are defensive investments.  

  • Cash investing deals with your savings accounts and deposits. The money earned is saved in your bank accounts. The interest applied is between 2 to 3 percent, which is very low.  It is not the best way to invest your money. Certainly, it doesn’t involve research and planning. You take your money and put it into a bank account. It is the most common way of investing. 
  • You can invest your money with fixed interest. Government and private organizations help you invest your money with fixed interest. The interest rate applied is between 4 to 6 percent per year.  A big chunk of money is often invested in fixed deposits. Money that people don’t want to invest in their savings accounts. The risk involved is negligible. Research and planning are slightly involved.
Image source: Ibrahim Boran/Unsplash

Why invest? 

As we know, investment is the way to earn more. Your needs can change. What are your requirements today will not be the same in the future. Investing secures your life. Whatever the circumstances are, a good investment will help you.

Start early– more investments, more money. There are many risks involved in investing, especially when it comes to growth investing. Begin early and learn how to take calculated risks. Better research and planning will lead to higher profits. 

A way to live a better life starts with fitness

Good results come with better performance. If you want more in life, then you have to perform better than others as well. And your skills help you achieve your life goals. But, what you want can’t come to you by your skills only. Desired results are achieved by competing with others. A good lifestyle is desired by everyone. Your health matters the most if you want to do better.  Dreams do come true with patience and consistency.   

A good routine not only includes you just working, studying, etc consistently. Doing physical activities are as important as other things. It helps you do better in life and perform better. A physically fit person always walks with an advantage.

Image source: Jenny Hill/Unsplash

What are the common advantages?

  • It benefits your mental and emotional health. A better body means more confidence and boldness. It helps you to improve your social life and public activities. Working out every day increases levels of dopamine in your body. More joy means more life. 
  • Physical activities increase your muscle strength. Exercises like push-ups, situps, and pull-ups are a few exercises that you can do at home as well. It increases your endurance, and your ability to do more and more.
  • Your life expectancy increases. Research has shown that people who work out regularly live longer than others. The possibility of having major health issues is also minimal.     
Image source: Victor Freitas/Unsplash

A trained person is always better. 

This statement applies to trained muscles as well. Healthy muscles are well recovered after working out. The goal of doing exercises is to perform better. Not to feel tired and sleepy. Good food helps you recover fast and helps you maintain your energy level. 

  • Common physical activities like running, jogging, cycling, etc help you increase your stamina. A few miles on the road and a few combinations of exercises, that’s it. You can choose to go to a gym for weight training. Weight training helps you increase your bone strength. Bench press, shoulder press, deadlift, etc are a few examples. 
  • Eating healthy is the most important part. After a good workout session, you need protein, carbohydrates, fiber, healthy fats, etc. these are essential for muscle recovery. And to maintain your energy levels. You can plan your meals according to your needs. Maintain your discipline when it comes to eating as well.  
  • Going on hikes and camping trips is another fun way to interact with your body. Field trips give you a break from your regular environment. Change in the environment is good for your mental health. You feel fresh and energized.    
Image source: Jannis Brandt/Unsplash

Exercising every day makes you better and stronger from the inside. 

It helps you build better immunity. Better immunity, fewer chances of getting sick. That means more presence in life. A healthy person has better relations with people. You make better decisions and make fewer mistakes. No wonder more positivity and optimism attract people. And a person in good health becomes a helping hand–most of the time when needed.

Want to do better in life? 

Take the first step today and focus on your physical health. And unfold life with better opportunities.