Cryptocurrency is widely known to everyone. Everyone is on the leash to own cryptocurrency. Some people are mining it and others are investing in it. Believing that cryptocurrency is the currency of the future.

But people hardly know about the roots of cryptocurrency. The common fact known to us is that it is very secure and transparent. And people are betting on it.

On the road, if you are a little bit skeptical about it then you are not alone. As there are many investors and miners, so are people who don’t know much about it. Burren buffet is one of the prolific figures in the investing world. He doesn’t believe in cryptocurrency. And he speaks bluntly about it.

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First comes the blockchain technology

The existence of cryptocurrency depends upon blockchain. Blockchain is the network of computers that share data. The chain of blocks contains information that can be shared and seen on the web. The best example of the blockchain is a cryptocurrency–bitcoin, Ethereum, Reef, NFTs, etc. 

The question that arises here is if the information can be seen and shared on multiple platforms. Then it can be manipulated. But that’s the beauty of blockchain. It shares the data but its original form can not be changed. And the computer that tries to do so will be terminated by the blocks. And the shared information remains the same on other networks.

  • The blockchain is secure and decentralized 
  • It brings trust, security, and transparency to the table
  • Reduced cost and risks 
  • No data manipulation and more accuracy
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The information shared in the blocks varies. According to its type, for example, bitcoin is a type of blockchain cryptocurrency. A bitcoin block contains the sender, receiver, time, and the number of bitcoin transferred. Anything that is virtual can be sold and bought on the blockchain. And It definitely reduces the cost and risks.

Information shared on the blockchain is secure and can be shared faster. In today’s time, the most valued asset of any business is time. Data sharing through blockchain is more accurate and transparent. And it can’t be manipulated. Only the members of the same network can access it. Shared information can’t be reversed. If a change is needed then a new block will be created and both blocks will be visible on the network.

Image source: GuerrillaBuzz/Unsplash

Blockchain and availability of cryptocurrency

In 2022 there are more than 1000 types of cryptocurrencies available. All possible because of blockchain technology. 

The trust brought by blockchain can be shaken by the change in the market value of a certain cryptocurrency. But it doesn’t change the fact that it is the way to the future. And we can see the trend of rising technologies that accept cryptocurrency widely. And technology is something you can’t run from; it will come to your doorsteps sooner or later. 

Whether you are into crypto or not. Blockchain is helping businesses run efficiently. And it will generate more possibilities with better trust and security.

Change is good when it is not implemented forcefully. And a good change brings new opportunities and possibilities.