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Month: July 2022

Archnemesis: The Person we Truly Trust And Connect With

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My archnemesis 
I won’t lie to you 
You hate me 
And I hate you too
Still, I won’t lie to you 
We both exist on the same plain 
You will kill me and I will kill you too 
Still, I won't lie to you 
The day will come 
We will face each other 
The result is uncertain 
So is the life 
One of us will depart to the unknown 
And that’s the absolute truth 
So my archnemesis I won’t lie to you 

What You Will Become is Uncertain: The Void

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I am losing every day someone new 
The old are kept forever 
There’s no someone new 
I miss that a lot 

I used to seek the shelters 
Now I am the void 
You’re with me 
But you don’t want to keep me 

Where shall I go 
It’s not my fault 
It’s not yours too

I came here to become the inevitable 
How pathetic is that?
No one knows 

I am the empty I absorb everything 
Still, my hunger kills me 
I need more 

To satisfy this never-ending cycle
It is ruthless of me 
That you chose this path 

There no going back 
But to feel the void 
While being the void 

Swaying Toward You With Good Intentions: A Poem

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Toward You
I am walking straight toward you 
Take a glance at me 

Oh you kind soul 
Don’t talk to me 
Just stare at me, silently 

You can’t be fooled by beautiful lies 
Let me tell you the plain truth 
I shall be yours 

Please hold my hand 
Let me feel the warmth of your affection 
I am not juvenile 

Maybe little stubborn 
I will learn gentleness from your breath 
I will learn patience from your touch 

Just hold my hand 
And keep it forever 
And I shall lavish on your love for eternity 

A Few Words Can Bring a Big Change: A poem

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I Must 
I must speak the tale of uncertainty 
I must tell the truth of inevitable nature 

I must hear the cold whisper of the world's lies 
I must eat the fruit of my faithfulness

I must drink the poison served on my table 
I must close my eyes when the clock stops ticking 

Complicated: Every Day is a Challenge And Opportunity

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Things need to be caught up
Tighten your grip, hold on to It 

It is not slipping, you are leaving It 
We awake, oh you fool 
Don’t look around, It’s in your hand 

Hold It with a firm grip, powerful It is 
Yet extremely fragile 
Care for It and It will be yours

The Voice That Leads to The Greater Good: A Poem

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Sing a song in an unheard voice 
Shout so loud and don’t hear the crowd 

Seek no shelter soak in the light 
Don’t fright be bright 

Close your eyes and seek no sight 
Remember the path of might 

Don’t drag and carry this life 
Strong you are keep this in mind 

Wasteland: A Place we Should Never Dream About

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I will show you the wasteland 
Where life doesn’t exist 

Once where the river of joy used to flow 
Once where peace used to grow 
Once where love used to lavish 

Come I’ll show you that stone 
Which will crumble with a touch 
Yet from a distance it can break the souls of thousand 

You won’t touch it ‘cause you got life in you 
And it won’t come near you 
‘Cause wasteland prevails, it makes you surrender 

Pacify the love

Pacify the love

See what you have done 
You have pacified the love 
I wanted to love more 
And you love me less 

Hopeless are my efforts  
They mean a lot 
But nothing to you 

My peace tried to tie a naught 
The goal of the life 
Meant  a lot to you 
Yet you couldn’t control yourself 

Why ruin everything? 
What’s wrong with you?
You said I meant a lot to you 
Yet you made dissolved into you 

Witnessed: A Short Poem About the Mortal Life

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The lightning struck the tree
Burning it to the ground 

Behold your breath, you fragile mortal 
You just witnessed the end of a century 

What should you do? 
Run or stay? It is not up to you anyway 

You are controlled by the free will that you mock upon
Blink and you will be gone anyway