Once upon a time, there was a fox named Cholo Chance. He was very clever and loved to trick the animals of the forest, always tricking others for his good. He was not hated by others, his sweet talk never failed him. Treacherousness comes with a price, Cholo had no friends in the forest. Not that he wanted someone to be his friend. His act of trickery always accompanied him throughout the day. Cholo’s favorite season was around, something that he loved more than tricking others was eating berries. It was time to enjoy life more.

A beautiful river flowed through the forest, and it separated a small part of the forest. A crocodile named Nile Dumble lived in the river, and no one dared to cross the river when he was around. He was very strong and feared by most of the animals. Nile always felt proud like a King, thinking that he is so powerful and fierce. 

The berries were plump and ready to be eaten. Cholo enjoyed eating the berries all day. One day cholo was resting after eating and was talking to barry the parrot. Cholo said that he knows the best place to eat berries and nobody else knows about that place. He was exaggerating about the place.

Barry said, “Cholo you might be the most clever animal I have met but you don’t know the best place for berries believe me.”

“Oh really?” said Cholo. 

Tell me, where is it? My sweet friend Barry. Where is this place you’re talking about? 

Barry felt really good when Cholo mentioned him as a sweet friend. He told Cholo that the berries of the forest across the river are the best. 

“Oh, don’t try to fool me, sweet friend, that’s not true,” said Cholo

“I’ll prove it to you, just wait here and I’ll bring some for you,” said Barry and flew away. 

Cholo was uncertain about what barry has said, but he was resting so, he waited for him.  

Barry came back with a few berries and gave them to Cholo. He tasted them and, for a moment, Cholo felt speechless. In that brief moment, Cholo decides not to praise Barry. 

“Barry, my sweet friend, I respect you so much, and I don’t want you to get disrespected somewhere else,” said Cholo.

“These are not the best berries I’ve tasted. If you tell someone else about these berries, they will make fun of you,” added Cholo. 

“I will not spread the word about this conversation, and I believe, you do the same, alright?” said Cholo Skeptically.  

Barry felt bad, but he believed Cholo, and promised that he will not say a word as well. Barry left, and Cholo felt proud of himself. His one act of cunning, again, saved him all the treasure.  

Cholo begins to think that how he is going to cross the river, he was aware of the tyrant of the river Nile dumble. Cholo started looking for possible ways to reach the other part of the forest. Days passed by Cholo felt frustrated there were no possible entries into the forest. The only place possible was guarded by Nile. 

Cholo took a break and was resting under a tree when he overheard a conversation between two birds named Maxi and Ron.   

“Maxi do you know Nile wants to get married?”, said Ron

“Who will marry Nile dumble?”, said Maxi

“I don’t know, but Nile said he will do anything for that person who will help him find his bride”, said Ron

“I will not help him. God knows what will he do if you fail to find one”, said Maxi

After hearing the conversation, Cholo begins brainstorming about how to make a fool of Nile Dumble. A brilliant idea struck his mind and he was all ready to cross the river.

The next day Cholo walk past by Nile and said something related to marriage that was not properly heard by Nile. He began to think about his marriage and immediately shouted, hey! You foxy come here. What were you talking about moments ago?

Cholo said I don’t know what you’re talking about man

Nile felt anger but this might be his golden chance to marry someone so he controlled himself and said foxy you were talking about marriage or something?

“The name is Cholo Chance, and yes I remember now,” said Cholo.

“Oh really! Tell me, what is it?” said Nile. 

“I think I’m ready to get married,” said Cholo.   

My aunt lives on the other part of the forest across the river. It is believed that she is a real matchmaker. She can find partners for anyone. The problem is you don’t let anyone cross the river, and I will not marry because of that– In a sad voice. 

“Oh you foxy, I mean Cholo, pardon me,” said Nile 

You’re my new friend. I will let you cross brother, and you will marry someone soon.

“Oh really! You’re going to help me? You’re a good person Nile. 

Yes Of course friend I am,” said Nile.

Listen, Cholo, do you think your aunt will help me find a partner?” said Nile.

Yes, I believe She will. You are a good person, I will talk about this with her,” said Cholo.

“Thank you, Cholo, Thank you”, said Nile. 

“Come on, I’ll help you cross the river. We should not waste much time,” said Nile hastily.   

Cholo felt so proud, and he was excited to enjoy the berries of the forest. Nile helped him to cross the river.

I’ll wait for you here Cholo,” said Nile.

Alright, friend,” said Cholo.

Cholo saw the delicious berries and he ran toward them. Oh dear lord, these berries are amazing. Those fools were right. Cholo had a good time eating, and he rested for a while. It was almost evening and Cholo begins to think again about how to lie. He came out from the forest and saw Nile waiting for him on the riverbank.

“A good news friend,” said Cholo. 

“Tell me what it is?” asked Nile excitedly.

“My aunt said, she will find a good partner for you soon, but she needs some time,” said Cholo.

“Take all the time you need, friend,” said Nile. 

“I need to visit her every day, Nile. My aunt forgets things and for your sake, I need to remind her every day,” said Cholo. 

“Yes friend for sure, I’ll help you cross as long as it takes to find my bride,” Said Nile. 

Cholo used Nile’s services well. After a few weeks, Nile started to get anxious and began to ask more questions. He demanded answers. Cholo kept on lying to him, informing, that his aunt found a girl, but her uncle needed to be present at the time of the wedding. So, he has to wait a little longer. Nile felt a little relieved, at least, she found someone for him. Days passed by and Cholo kept on lying, that someone from her family is missing at the moment.

Finally, the day came when there were no berries left in the forest. Nile asked Cholo about the progress, but as the good days were over, Cholo was ready to reveal the truth. Thinking that he made Nile’s fool for so many days, his arrogance and pride rose. Cholo said there is no bride for Nile and there is no aunt. He wanted to eat the berries and that’s why he made a fool of him and Cholo ran away. Nile was furious and raging, the only thought he had in his mind was to kill Cholo.

Nile begins asking other animals where does Cholo live. Barry the parrot told him about his cave. Nile hid inside the cave when Cholo was not around. In the evening, when Cholo came back, he saw crawling marks on the ground. They went straight inside the cave. Cholo begins to think and an idea struck his mind. He begins to call his cave

Oh, my dear cave, how’re you? He repeated it for sometime 

Nile inside begins to think that the cave might be afraid of him and that’s why is not responding and he should respond.

Cholo again said, “My dear cave, how’re you?”

In a panic, Nile said, “I’m good.” 

Cholo recognized the voice and said, “Oh, you fool Nile, caves don’t talk and ran away.” 

Nile felt humiliated, his act of foolishness helped Cholo again.

Nile collected more information from Barry about Cholo’s daily routine. After a few days, he knew a perfect place where he can catch Cholo. Cholo usually loved to walk near mangroves, and Nile hid near the roots of the mangroves. Nile waited for Cholo the entire day and it was evening time. It was getting dark, but then, he heard Cholo whistling and he knew it was his chance now. Cholo was walking, waving his tail left and right, and then, suddenly, Nile caught him by his leg. 

Cholo thought it was over for him now, for a brief moment, but he thought let’s take a chance. He said, “Oh you fool Nile dumble, you wanted to catch my leg but instead of that, you caught a root. Lord have mercy on this fool.” And in panic, he opened his mouth and caught a root. This was Cholo’s Chance and he ran so fast like never before.

“Oh, you fool, you caught the root and left me on loose. Oh, you fool, you caught a root and left me on loose.”

He kept on running and saying, “Oh, you fool, you caught a root and left me on loose. Cholo never looked behind and left the forest forever.