The tech industry never stops to amaze our minds. There was a time when we would have never thought of talking to someone who is miles away. And today we can talk to each other just like we are sitting next to each other. Every day our life is incorporated with technology more and more. Virtual reality is one of them.

What is virtual reality? 

It is a fully digital, computer-generated, real-life environment. It stimulates the human senses like vision, hearing, and touch. With advanced technology VR allows the user to enter into an experiential world. The 3D environment can be similar to the real world or completely different.

There are three types of virtual reality: Non-immersive. Semi-immersive, fully immersive.

Non-immersive: Your mobile display, normal displays, and any input devices that deal with digital devices are examples of non-immersive virtual reality. That means non-immersive VR is the most common VR we deal with every day.   Non-immersive doesn’t take full control of our senses and the user is always well aware of his surroundings.

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Semi-immersive: If you ever watched anything on a high-quality TV screen and felt like, wow, everything looks so realistic and alive or watched anything on a projector. These are examples of semi-immersive virtual reality. The semi-immersive VR depends on high-resolution displays and high-end computing devices. It portrays the high-resolution images to make the user feel he is viewing or engaging with a different environment. Still, the user is well aware of the surroundings. But certainly, it creates a better illusion than non-immersive VR.

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Fully immersive:  If you want to have a full-blown VR experience. Then, fully immersive VR is all set to blow your mind.  VR headsets and VR glasses are necessary to experience fully immersive VR technology. The headset creates a 3D environment in front of the user’s eyes. Similar to a real-life environment or different. It will stimulate the user’s vision and hearing. With fully immersive VR, the user is not aware of the surroundings.

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How realistic is virtual reality?

If you are on any social media platform, then you might have seen people breaking their bones and TVs while using VR technology. The simulation created by VR tech is very realistic, and it drifts you apart from the real world. Especially when it comes to gaming and stuff.

VR technology is not only limited to gaming and watching videos. VR tech is changing the education sector, health sector, architecture industry, etc. It is making big differences in our lives. Students can interact better with lessons. Architectural designs can be interacted with even before they come into existence. Patients with mental health issues are being treated with VR technology. It helps the patients to overcome their fears without going anywhere. 

Facebook changed its company name to Meta. And with this change comes the metaverse–the combination of VR and augmented reality–where people can live in the digital world. With metaverse, they are entering the world of virtual reality on a whole new level.

The tech industry is a sea of endless opportunities and possibilities. Every day there’s something new and mind-blowing.