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Witnessed: A Short Poem About the Mortal Life

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The lightning struck the tree
Burning it to the ground 

Behold your breath, you fragile mortal 
You just witnessed the end of a century 

What should you do? 
Run or stay? It is not up to you anyway 

You are controlled by the free will that you mock upon
Blink and you will be gone anyway

Endless Pathos of Miserable Life: A Short Poem

Where should I look, if you’re not there 
The endless horizon looks lifeless 

And the time freezes to the death 
Life begins to crystalize 
Ready to fall apart

At Dusk: A poem about love and flaws

At dusk
At dusk, I caught a glimpse of you
The sweet sunlight of dying sun
Made you look deprived of love 

Soon the moon will shine 
And that’s what I’m waiting for 
The white light will show me the real you 
That I want to see 

Indeed there's more darkness than light in the night sky 
Yet it reveals more of you than sunlight
You can’t hide the secrets no more 
They are revealed by the fear of the coldness of the night 

Come forward hide no more 
Let me embrace your flaws and let me show you mine 

Comfort Zone: A poem about freedom and new possibilities

Comfort zone
A small step into the new day 
I walked a little bit 
Deep breathes to feel the air in my lungs 

I ran a couple of miles 
My heart begins to pound fast
I was breathing fast 
A smile came upon my face 
I felt tranquilized at the moment 
I looked around 

I was away from my home 
Away from my comfort zone
I saw endless possibilities 
At ease, no hard turns 
I felt vulnerable and free 
I broke up with my comfort zone 

Because this independence made my eyesight better
I can see life and existence closely 
I might fear the harass reality 
If that’s the price to be paid 
I will happily accept it with my freewill
Because I am free human on the land of endless opportunities 

Thousand Eyes: Poem related to introverts and opportunities

Thousand Eyes
Standing still in the middle
Middle of thousand people

In the middle of thousand eyes
Feels like I’m on the battleground

Dodging the stare of these eyes 
Like bullets from the unknown nemesis 

Oh just leave me alone 
Or leave me dead 

Don’t stare at me 
Let me go through this miserable flight 

I’ll fly to unknown ground 
With no one around to fight 

When you’ll blink and I’ll be gone 
The day will come I know that

Just afraid of being the one who stares 
So it will be quick 

When you’ll blink and I’ll be gone 
And I’ll be fearless on the land of the unknown!

Better Place: A short poem

Better Place 
I woke up and saw a light 
Through the haze 
Nothing to fright 
I can see the clear light 

Not too distant
Not too short 
My vision is blurred but not gone 
Nothing to wrap up but to start again 

I am awake and that’s great
Let’s go through that haze to find a better place

Desires: A poem to pour out all worries from the heart

Desires must not be left behind
Temptations are the way to look for a new window
The heart doesn’t follow a predefined path
It finds what it desires now

Seek something meaningless
Feel a little bit goofy sometimes
The desires are the key 
To cut loose the dimension of reality

Don’t follow a straight path
You need to lose some time to value your worth 
Your desires tell you to be happy 
And cut loose the sadness 

Sadness is not desired 
But it constantly seeks shelter
To make you stronger to survive
The cruel and harsh reality of life

Change: A poem to make new habits

It was done for the greater good
A soul that never bounds
Ran afar beating so fast
Putting it down within the time

What was needed
A jump to kick start
To feel the air and
Break from the ground

The soul rests only if you want 
Dive deep if you can
Shallow can’t hold the giant
Beasts lie deep beneath

So go deep with counting breath
What will you find?
Can’t be known; that’s the mystery
Of a wandering soul

Who’s holding you back 
All you need is a jump
To hug the air and 
leave the ground!

Skeptical: A very short poem about something unknown

It was time to leave 
Said someone, hiding in the haze
Not identifying where to go

I’m not scared but skeptical
Or curious to know
Something unknown!

Trapped: A poem of struggle with the darkness of life

Hold my hand said who
The soul that is lost
And long gone
Buried deep beneath under my sins

The more I try more lost I feel
Where I’m going in this darkness

Why do we search for light? 
I can live with my sins
But the soul buried deep
Cries constantly in my head

I reach to pull it back
Yet my darkness works best

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